Why contact and commissioning through my Galleries.

Over a long period I have been working through Galleries and Art-agents. They put in a lot of efford for marketing my works. Prices and price-level of my works are as much as possible the same everywhere and to everyone.

Private persons and institutions that address me for purchasing, commissioning or rental, usually will be referred to one of my agents or galleries. Only by major exception, works can be purchased directly from the studio.

One might estimate that purchasing directly from the studio will give the client a better offer ('same work at lower rate'), compared by purchasing through a gallery or agent. However, this is not the case.

I value the cooperation with my gallerists and agents very much, and I do not wish to jeopardize this cooperation and their trust, by selling works at different prices and leaving them out of business.
Moreover, in general, it is really advisable to work through my gallerists or agents, since they are the ones who took the important job of taking care of all contacts and they are well equipped for that, better than I am.
Naturally, at a certain stage my gallerists will involve me, for instance for discussing details of a commission or for installing a large work.

Jan Wisse


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(*)The Netherlands: Works by Jan Wisse in Art-Rental-collection of
-Artotheek Den Haag: info@heden.nl, 070-3465337
-Artotheek Schiedam: info@cbkschiedam.nl, 010 4709827
-Kunstcentrum Delft: info@dok.info, 015 2123450
-LINK - Art Company: info@linkartcompany.com, +31 88 5465278

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